Terms and conditions

Orchestro's Terms and Conditions

Collection and use of data

You can remain anonymous while visiting this website by refusing to provide any personal data.

Please note that in some cases, non-personal information may be collected automatically, including internet browser, computer operating system, internet protocol address, internet service provider domain name and websites linked to this one.

Orchestro’s policy on personal data collection and use

Personal data (name, address, telephone number, social insurance number, email address, etc.) are collected only if they have been provided to Orchestro. In such instances, we explain how we intend to use personal data, either before or while collecting data.

For example, Orchestro retains users email addresses using its website’s email forms, online forms and registration forms, or while users agree to fill a survey or take part into a contest. Orchestro also retains data about the frequency and duration of visits, as well as it aggregates data about websites accessed by visitors. Orchestro collects only personal data it considers necessary, and uses it only for those explained purposes, including those described in this Privacy Policy. Orchestro will search for your consent if it intends to use personal data for unlisted purposes.

Protection of initial secret identification items

You agree to keep identification items in a secret and safe place to prevent unauthorized use. To that end, you must:

  1. Memorize personal identification numbers (PIN), passwords and codes included in the initial package, and not keeping any written record
  2. Avoid code combinations that can easily be guessed, or that can be directly attributed to you: date of birth, address, etc.
  3. Avoid choosing a part of other PINs, passwords or codes
  4. Take all appropriate measures to ensure that all elements remain confidential, including identification when logging in with a keyboard, by voice or by other electronic means.

Mutual Cookie Policy

Orchestro sends "cookies" to anybody visiting its website. A cookie is a small data file sent by the website to your browser, which may then be stored on your hard drive. Orchestro's cookie enables the Site to recognize you if you have a Orchestro account or have used certain website features. In addition, a cookie recalls information to avoid resubmission. It also automatically updates website information. Your internet browser can be set in a way to notify you for cookies, and therefore refuse them.

No data recorded by Orchestro's search engine

When you perform a search with one of the website's search engines, Orchestro does not record or save data that identifies you or ties you to the search you performed. To provide effective service, Orchestro saves a limited data amount regarding search request. It uses this data to solve technical problems of the website, to compile statistics or to improve the website’s content.

Orchestro's use of disclosed information

Orchestro will primarily use disclosed information to respond to public requests. Orchestro may use personal data for editorial, feedback, marketing, promotion, reproduction, disclosure, transmission, publication, broadcast or posting, as well as statistical analyses of user’s behaviour. Furthermore, Orchestro retains the right to use ideas, concepts, know-how, or techniques contained in any communication that you sent through the website for any purpose whatsoever, including, without limits, developing and marketing products. Non-personal data may be aggregated for internal review and used to improve website’s content and structure. Personal Information will be discarded, deleted, or converted into an anonymous form when Orchestro no longer requires it for business purposes.

Orchestro does not distribute personal data or disclosed information to third parties

Orchestro does not voluntarily share, rent or sell disclosed data provided by users to third parties, whether such information is personal data or disclosed information. Orchestro only provides data to its suppliers or any other agent supporting our service, as well as regulatory bodies requesting data and having a legal right to do so.


You must immediately notify Orchestro, by phone, of any loss, theft or unauthorized use of any personal identification item, or knowledge the use of anyone other than yourself of such an element.

Refusal to provide personal information

If you refuse to release personal information, Orchestro may not be able to respond to your request. In such case, you may receive an error message.

How to update, correct and access personal information

Use address, phone number or email in the Orchestro contact information form.

Shared Information with Orchestro

Orchestro's security policy on Personal Information

Orchestro takes appropriate security measures to protect all transmitted personal information. Whenever you submit personal information on its website, Orchestro takes reasonable measures to ensure a secured connection with your internet browser. Confidentiality of personal information is an important concern to Orchestro, and we take all reasonable measures to ensure it in regard to available technologies.

However, internet communications are not totally secured. Consequently, Orchestro cannot guarantee full confidentiality of information transmitted over the internet.

Our website contains secure and non-secure sections. There are some risks inherent to the use of Internet or internet-related technologies, notably the risk of personal information being disclosed. Use this website and transmit information at your own risk. Orchestro is not responsible, and is not liable for damage or injury that you may incur or that may result from using this website, or from the interception by a third party of information you provide, including without limitations, personal data.

Security Checks

Orchestro reserves the right to contact you electronically or by phone to confirm any instruction before performing an operation, but takes no responsibility if it is unable to contact you to confirm your instructions, or fails to do so.

Personal Information access at Orchestro

You can make a written request to receive all personal information about you withheld by Orchestro. In order to obtain this information, Orchestro may charge you a fee to cover costs related to conducting research and providing copies. Orchestro will only disclose personal information that is not bound to a legal privilege, that does not refer to another person, that can be retrieved cost-effectively, and that has no restriction on public disclosure.

Inaccurate Personal Information

Orchestro will make reasonable efforts to ensure the accuracy of information (including personal information). You can assist Orchestro by providing information updates and notification if you deem the information inaccurate.

Limitation of liability

Orchestro and its staff, including directors, administrators, employees and representatives, are not liable nor responsible for losses or damages resulting directly or indirectly from the use of this website (special or collateral damages, as well as damages caused by third-parties). You agree that using this website is entirely at your own risks.

In particular, but without limiting the generality of the foregoing, Orchestro and its staff, including directors, officers, employees or representatives, are not liable for damages based on information contained on the website, or that occurred as the result of personal information disclosure or transmitted online.

Orchestro cannot guarantee the availability of its website or that it will meet your requirements. It cannot guarantee an uninterrupted access: delays, failures, errors, omissions or loss of transmitted information. It cannot either ensure that no viruses or other destructive elements are not transmitted, and that your computer is safe from damages.

The information contained in this website was accurate once published, but Orchestro cannot guarantee updates, accuracy, completeness and authenticity of its content and functions. Orchestro is not responsible for any information from this website and provided by third parties. This website has been created by information purposes only. This information is subject to change or updates at any time without prior notice. All products and services advertised on this website are subject to agreed terms and conditions.

Third party websites

Links to third party websites or reference to products, services or publications not provided by Orchestro are being offered for your convenience, and do not imply approval or endorsement by Orchestro. Third parties websites and references have been independently developed from Orchestro. Orchestro cannot guarantee updates, accuracy, completeness and authenticity of content and functions of third parties websites and references. Links to another website are at your own risk, and Orchestro is neither responsible nor liable for any damage incurred.

Links to websites offering softwares to download are provided for your own convenience. Orchestro cannot be responsible for any issue associated with downloads.

The current privacy policy updates earlier privacy practices pertaining to Orchestro website. Once connected to a third party website, you are subject to that website’s privacy and security policies. We recommend that you read those policies before transmitting any personal information.

Website Use

This website is owned and operated by Orchestro. Content of this website, or any other that is owned, operated or licensed by Orchestro, should not be copied, reproduced, republished, uploaded, posted, transmitted or distributed. You can access and use this website material for non-commercial and personal use, as long as you retain copyrights and intellectual property for the material. You are not allowed to distribute, modify, transfer, reuse, report or use this website for any public or commercial purposes, including text, images, audio or video, without any prior written permission from Orchestro. Orchestro neither guarantees nor advertises that material displayed on the website cannot infringe third parties affiliated, or not, with Orchestro.

Recording calls

You agree that all telephone calls and electronic correspondence may be recorded and may be retained as proof of consent.


Terms of use in the current legal notice apply to all transactions made on this website. You consent to all terms of use in the current notice by carrying out any transaction. You also agree that, from a legal perspective, using your user name and password is your signature, and that you are responsible to ensure its confidentiality at any time. Orchestro is not responsible to check real identity or the authority of the persons using your user name and password. If an unauthorized person is in possession of your user name or your password, you should notice us as soon as possible (see different contact information on Information on Orchestro).

If an unauthorized person has obtained your username and password, you must notify us immediately (see the Orchestro contact information section).

Use of information

Information contained on this website are not binding for legal, financial or tax purposes for any individual or entity, and should not be relied upon as such.


Orchestro may set limits, in dollars or otherwise, to any operations without notice.

Written signatures requirements

Some transactions may require a written signature. In such instances, you will be notified. Modalities concerning products or service requiring a signature, as well as operation verifications, when required, will be sent to you within five (5) business days following direct access, if documents have not been received. Without this notice, you are deemed to have approved terms and operations verifications

You must signed and returned to Orchestro documents requiring your signature. By signing the notice, you agree to buy or renew products or services, as well as you agree on the terms.


Informations contained on this website is not a sales offer or a purchase solicitation for securities or insurance products. No securities or insurance product will be offered or sold in a jurisdiction where such an offer or a sale will be considered illegal according the securities regulations, insurance regulations or any other legal framework. Certain products may not be available in some Canadian provinces due to applicable regulations.

All deposits, as well as insurance or security transactions, are based on a written agreement signed between Orchestro and its clients, and terms agreement are liable to all parties. No policies or representation can modify terms of this agreement, no matter if it is made in persons, online, electronic, written, orally or through graphic communication. By using this website, you agree on applicable terms of use. You also agree, at your own risks, that internet and online communication might not work as planned.

Website use and personal information protection policies are interpreted and controlled by Quebec provincial legislation. All disagreements concerning the use of this website, or about personal information policy and is application, as well as failure to fulfil what precedes, are interpreted and controlled under Quebec provincial legislation. By accessing this website, you accept the jurisdiction of Quebec provincial courts and accept that any claim should be made through Quebec provincial tribunals.

Trade marks and copyrights

All information available on this website is protected by copyrights laws applicable in Canada, or in appropriate circumstances, to the ones applicable to other territories. It is strictly forbidden to copy, to replicate, to publish or to distribute, even partially, content from this website. Users can copy, print or download information only for non-commercial and personal purposes, and if they mention the source and ensure that informations has not been modified. Orchestro’s written consent is required for any use. Offenders will be prosecuted.

Stock listing

All stock listing published on this website are not current quotes or real-time updates. Orchestro is not responsible for the accuracy of the information in regards to prices. Please do not use those quotes for analysis or formal appraisals. Value can increase or decrease according flux and changes of this market investment, or due to other reasons.

Premium’s rate

You might not be eligible for some preferential insurance premium rates. Premium rates are being disclosed only for general information purposes, and are subject to pricing and other requirements from Orchestro. For more details on the regime corresponding to your personal situation, we recommend to contact an authorized Orchestro sales representative.

Data from Calculator

Online calculators are not designed to provide advise of any sort (for example: for fiscal or investment advice). The website and services may contain some information (for example: retirement rates). This information is made available only for educational purposes, and is not a confirmation or a recommendation for securities or investment programs. It is not confirming prior experience. Information form online calculators and on the website does not provide advice on fiscal, financial or legal matters. Contact your personal advisor for this kind of services. Orchestro does not offer legal or fiscal counselling.